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 Dear Friends,

Today is World Health Day…that inspired me to write something that is essential nowadays to stay healthy…as due to our very hectic and irregular life schedules becoming more and more disease prone schedule…so we need to adopt a very easy tips that helps us to stay healthy physically and mentally…

So today in a brief blog i will write only 5 points that if you adopt it you shall remain healthy forever sure…so do read it care fully and Start Living Healthy…

1.Eat Warm,Cooked Seasonal Food…

Ayurveda always believes that food is your Medicine,we need to eat all time fresh cooked food why cooked food? because nowadays we don’t have any Food that is free from pesticides…our farming is now totally depending on Chemical pesticides so if we eat any raw vegetables that mean we are eating chemical and also it can create AMA that is a kind of toxin that is responsible for all types of diseases.

Also it is important to know about Eating: This involves three major components, namely the cook, the food and the eater. Preparing food with love improves absorption. It is not how much you eat. It is how much you absorb from the food you ingest that is of prime importance.

Also Ayurveda believes in Dincharya(Day Life) and Ritucharya(Seasonal Life)…so we are having all types of Seasonal food and fruits that is essential to balance our metabolism of our body we need to eat all seasonal food.

2.Do Abhyanga( Self Massage) Daily…

Abhyangas are an ancient practice to lubricate and condition the entire body with the application of warm oils that are “medicated” with herbs meant for your body type or current health needs. This Ayurvedic practice is something you can do at home.

Regular self-massage, preferably in the morning before your bath or shower, is highly recommended in Ayurveda. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and massage helps to keep it supple and youthful, as well as producing a calming effect for the day and strengthening joints, tissues and bones! Sesame oil, much used in Ayurveda, has been found to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. Massaging with this oil quickly improves circulation, flushes out toxins and promotes healing.

Here’s how:

Warm up the oil by putting a small plastic bottle of it in a bowl of warm water.
Sit on a towel in your bathroom.
Squeeze some of the of oil onto your palms, and begin by massaging your scalp, working downwards with the palms of your hands (if you don’t want to take the time to wash the oil out of your hair, skip the scalp).

Massage gently, on one side of your body and then the other – beginning with your toes. For each body area (neck, shoulders, arms, abdomen, breasts, back, legs and feet), use long strokes over the long bones, circular motions over the joints, and a circular motion over the abdomen and around the breasts. The process should take about 20 minutes, but it’s better to do a shorter massage than miss it out altogether.
Shower but don’t soap off the oil. Most will wash away, and the remainder with nourish and soften the skin after you towel off.

3.Stick to a Routine (Life Style)…

We need to fix our schedule of daily life from Wake up till go to Bed…it is very essential we need to fix our daily program after waking up like Yog,Meditation,Bath,Breakfast,Our business or Job schedule,Our Lunch Time,Dinner Time,Happy Hours with the family…

If One can balance his/her life style that definitely helpful to remain stress free and if One can avoid Stress than he/she can avoid so many Psychosomatic disorders as nowadays almost 80% of the people are suffering from Life style disorders and mainly due to stress and uneven life style…so balance your Life style and enjoy your life…

4.Meditate Daily-

Ayurveda, as a medical system, is filled with breathing practices to energize and purify the body. This is why they are considered to be key aspects of Yogic practice, for controlled breathing brings more oxygen to the blood and to the brain. Did you know that one of the major secrets of energy and rejuvenation is a purified blood stream? The quickest and most effective way to purify the blood stream is by taking in extra supplies of Oxygen, supplying our bodies and all of our various organs with the ability to get rid of waste products and toxins, simply from the air we breathe.

Pranayama develops the lungs and improves the digestive fire, or agni. People who practice pranayama have a complexion that is smooth and bright, and there may even be a sparkle in their eyes. Steady, regular breath practice arouses inner spiritual light, happiness, and peace of mind.

5.Cleanse and Detoxify on a Regular Basis -

No matter how consciously we live, modern life exposes us to a variety of toxins, from pollutants in our food, water, and air, to the more subtle toxicity of negative media and the hyper-stimulus of cell phones, and the Internet. It’s important to get regular detoxification treatments to eliminate the physical and emotional toxins that can deplete our digestive powers and the function of our mind-body physiology.
Ayurveda recommends season detoxification that includes PANCHAKARMA an ancient Ayurvedic therapy that releases toxins from deep within the bodily tissues, clearing away physical and emotional residue and leaving you feeling renewed and rejuvenated.

So by following above 5 tips you can definitely remain healthy forever…

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  • Shirodhara Massage

    Atharva Ayurveda that offer shirodhara are careful to create a comfortable and tranquil environment with atmospheric background music and a soft treatment table.
    Lying on your back, your body will be cocooned in warmed towels and your head will be positioned under the oil ‘fountain’ – a metal bottle with a slow-flowing spout from which the oils will stream gently onto the forehead.

  • Abhyanga Massage

    Abhyanga, the Ayurvedic form of massage, functions as both a strengthening and reducing therapy. There are four main reasons for giving or receiving an Abhyanga:
      • The eliminate excess water and fat deposits
      • To purify the blood and tissues of toxins
      • To strengthen and rejuvenate
      • To maintain strength and balance

  • Panchakarma

    Panchakarma therapy is also used as a purification therapy to cleanse the body before starting a treatment. A diseased body can be compared to a soiled cloth which can not be colored as we desire. Hence to attain the maximum benefits , the body has to be purified or cleaned before starting the treatment.The cleared channels help medicines to penetrate the deeper tissues.

  • Research At Atharva Ayurved India

    Currently Doing Research Project Title “Clinical study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Polyherbal powder in patients with vitiligo.”with The Department Of Pharmaceuticals Sciences,Saurashtra University,Rajkot. Currently Doing One More Research Project Title “An open label study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Polyherbal formulations in patients with mild to moderate psoriasis”

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